Speed up lead generation in life science

Pinpoint hot prospects by analyzing past purchasing behavior and areas of interest

Contact the right person with Octopio

Identify leads
Single out high-intent prospects and key opinion leaders
Segment prospects
Tap into the competitive ecosystem to understand user purchasing behavior
Enrich contact data
Arm sales teams with detailed prospect profiles
Export to CRM
Integrate leads seamlessly into your CRM for use by the entire team

Increase sales revenues per person

Automate lead generation
Octopio’s automated processes single out key prospects and opinion leaders in real-time
Leverage segmentation
Prioritize prospects by life science activity, product history, areas of interest and organization
Exploit our wealth of data
Discover everything you need to know on high-intent leads in one click, and ensure you have access to up-to-date contact details and buying behavior

Integrate into your existing sales tools

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