Personalize product recommendations

Engage with customers on a deeper level and earn their trust by identifying the most relevant products to push

Harness purchasing behavior

Successful sales require a full understanding of a customer’s current or future needs. Understanding customer behavior, purchasing patterns and trends enables you to gain a competitive edge by ranking your products on your customers’ needs, ensuring you present the right product, to the right person, at the right moment.

Augment decision-making with digital technologies

Successful engagement involves delighting customers with product recommendations particularly if you have a highly complex life science product catalog. Automation and personalization are great tools that allow sales reps to deliver real value for the prospects they are trying to reach.

Contextual recommendations

Recommendations need to be based on customer context. Octopio has trained its algorithms on millions of data points, which are continuously optimized for peak performance. In addition to identifying the perfect match for your client, they can single out the products within a specific range that generate the highest returns for you!

Integrate into your existing sales tools

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